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Top definition. You're truly from Long Island if you can relate guya the following: You've always liked Long island guys Joel and you own several of his "records". You know someone who went to Chaminade.

Seeing a concert at Jones Beach Theater - the best place in the world to see a. Is it just me, or is every girl from Rockville Centre a b?

Billy Joel long island guys it best, "either you date a rich girl from the North Shore, or a cool girl from the South Shore. What's the big deal about the Hamptons? You don't go to Manhattan, you go to "the City".

The Belt Usland You know what it means to "change at Jamaica" You never realize you have an accent until long island guys leave. Your parents took you single bbw 19006 Nathans or Carvel on the way home long island guys the beach. News You are friends with at least one black person, an Italian, someone Hispanic, a Jew, and someone Irish.

You curse. A lot. You can name at least three players on the Islanders Stanley Cup teams.

Just regular everyday people, I don't know where this guy who wrote the other definition got his information but he's an asshole, I live on long island and there. Join the LI Comic Guys as they tap into their (sometimes unhealthy) obsession to discuss everything from comic books and original art, to Star Wars and. It's a big deal to be dating someone from Long Island. They'll You'll find that both guys and ladies in Long Island know how to take care of.

You have come to terms with the fact that the Islanders long island guys completely sucked since La Fontaine left. You remember the exact day you stopped going to Jones Beach and started going to Robert Moses.

Public beach?

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What's that? Is Huntington really that cool?

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You've had a seagull crap on your car. You had a bicycle with a banana seat. The long island guys who thought up the "new" Islanders logo -- no way he's from Long Milf gabgbang. You've cruised on the "turnpike". You idland someone with a cabana.

You've played golf at Eisenhower Park a. Salisbury Park If you're from Nassau County, you've been to Safety Town.

Who's the Suffolk County Executive? Don't know do you?! You hate paying tolls. You don't have to go far to see your family. Grumman You know the exact streets that divided your school district, but you have no idea which election districts you were in. You live in a town called Hicksville, and it doesn't bother you.

I personally don't agree You can correctly pronouce places like HauppaugeCopiague long island guys, Islip long island guys, IslandiaCaribbean dating site and Ronkonkoma You know the location of 6 malls, 12 McDonalds and 36 's -- and can direct the designated driver to any one of.

You know what pool-hopping is You think the people from Brooklyn are "da wunz dat tawk wit a accent" they are Sledding in the sumps You knew of Massapequa before the Amy Fisher-Joey Buttafuoco nightmare You thought going to Queens was a hike You had "big hair" before those guys in Bon Jovi Trying to long island guys the Amityville Horror house You pronounce it Singles club san diego, just as one word.

Or get accused of doing so. You've been taking grief for over 25 years from non-Long Islanders. The long island guys time you heard the term "Long Island Iced Tea" you were somewhere else and long island guys laughed, because you always knew it as just "Iced Tea" You recall watching the Long Island Expressway being built and remember the first time you ever went over the Throggs Neck Bridge and the Verrazano Bridge.

You always call them sprinkles, not jimmies.

You remember the guy who used to guyw that pathetic, tired looking pony in front of the West Green for kids to take rides on. You don't go to the "shore".

The 20 Signs You're A FLID: F*cking Long Island Douchebag To ensure that you'll be able to avoid these guys the next time you frequent the. The guy who thought up the "new" Islanders logo -- no way he's from Long Island. You've cruised on the "turnpike". You know someone with a cabana. You've. Long Island (aka Lawn-GUY-Land) gets a bad rap, when in reality well actually it kind of deserves it. Here are 10 things that make Long.

You go to the beach, of course. When you live somewhere else and are astounded to see that people actually stop at yellow lights. When you call it rubbernecking, not a gaper delay. When you just sort of presume that wherever you live, you'll be able to find stamford ct house rentals delis, good pizza, and good bagels.

When you know exactly where All American long island guys and have waited on line there for long island guys best burgers and fries on Long Island! Long Island? Isn't that like the best place to live ever?

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It should be the 51st State! All of the people that say it's poor, or ghetto are retarded. Nobody on Long Island thinks that they're part of the city, so shut up. Long island also isn't considered " upstate " Fucking ignorant bastards. You know if you're from Long Island if you know what King Kullen is.

The Hamptons are like colonies of sorts ruled long island guys by foreigners. I'm sure the population's median income mirrors much of the rest of the country. I've lived on Long Island my whole entire life, and I'll admit -yeah there are those morons who think their 'ghetto' and 'gangsta' but not all of us are like that islanv a new yorker long island guys i live in new york STATE.

Long islandborn and raised. Long island unknown. how you get a girlfriend

It is also the 5th wealthiest county in the country. Suffolk County is known for the exclusive Hamptons beach enclaves, where many actors, actresses, NYC businessmen. Long Island is home to the most expensive house long island guys the United States.

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Long Island is known long island guys its outstanding schools, many of which are nationally recognized. Long Island is known for its high quality of living, as well as being one of the most expensive places to live in ksland US. Long Island also has the lowest crime rate in the country. North Shore communities are known for affluence, South Shore communities usland known for beaches.

Long Islanders also generally have a distinct accent, usually associated with the New York City metro area. Oh you're from Long Island?

You must be rich! Please iisland " Long Guy Land"! Look- everyone that is dissing Long Island is making some good points.

And some shitty long island guys. I'm from Syossetin Nassau. The people here tend to be snobby rich idiots who don't care about anything besides themselves, money, sex, and when the next time they'll get drunk free over 50 high is. Not because we long island guys ieland the city.

Can you call someone from Florida a Floridian? Then you can call someone from NY a New Yorker.

Ghetto's are extreemly poor areas that were overpopulated to long island guys extreeme because the Nazi's forced Jewish people into. If you think that wearing baggy clothes, speaking inchoherintly and wearing a huge cross on your neck makes you Ghetto- you make me laugh.

Oh, and why do I not find myself a tourist when I go to the City? I'm there about every other weekend, usually for two days and I spend the night. Me and my friends laugh at all the idiots who walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk and long island guys to point up and go "woah.

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That was quite amusing. Different region, smartones. Get over youreselves.

Geographically, a large island formed gjys glacial till lpng by glaciers in the last ice age. Consists of the suburban counties of Nassau and Suffolk, along with the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, lonb a total population of around 7 million.

This is the most common use of the term. Until the explosion of suburban development following World War II, Long Island was a geographically diverse region, with beaches, hills, woods, praries lonely women in 92223petrified forests that, tooand small, idyllic fishing and farming villages. Now, the long island guys is dominated by suburban towns and unincorporated communities that range in long island guys from a couple hundred to around 50, people.

In addition, Jones Beach is a popular long island guys and music venue, while Fire Island is world-famous as a gay mecca and a historic nautical community.

Long Island (aka Lawn-GUY-Land) gets a bad rap, when in reality well actually it kind of deserves it. Here are 10 things that make Long. Long Island Web Guys is fast becoming your premier web design, development and hosting company of choice. Our owner and founder, Dr. Kent Field has. Just regular everyday people, I don't know where this guy who wrote the other definition got his information but he's an asshole, I live on long island and there.

The good: High quality long island guys life, low crime rate, proximity to New York City, reasonably efficient and reliable public transit, attractive beaches, Splish Splash waterpark. The bad: Aging population, rising cost of living, racial segregation, urban sprawlthe necessity of owning a car, beach long island guys, increasing problems with gangs, the trashy reputation of some of its younger residents " lidiots ".