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will end.RSS or /RSS. With iTunes Connect, youll be able to see the status of your podcast from the dashboard. The namespace is: the redirect-tag is: itunes:new-feed-url your new feed url /itunes:new-feed-url Please read the FAQ for more information. Org you should get a message that utan says. Source: About Submitting a Podcast m Step 3: Submit your podcast to iTunes Once youve filled out all the recommended tags, youre ready to submit your podcast to iTunes. Once youve validated your feed, head to iTunes Connect to submit your podcast to iTunes. If you dont have one, you can create an Apple ID for free. The RSS iTunes Redirection Plugin will add the necessary namespace (if needed) and the special redirect-tag to your RSS.0 feed on WordPress. Delete Podcast This will permanently delete your podcast from iTunes. Now enter the same URL you validated in Step 1, and click Validate. Just drop in a new RSS feed and click Refresh Feed. Source: View a podcast Mirror URL m Other benefits of iTunes Connect iTunes Connect for podcasts also adds a few other features that you might find beneficial: Refresh Feed iTunes automatically updates each podcast every 24 hours. Pay close attention to the title, author, spelen and description tags at the channel and item level of your podcast. Tristana Writer RSS Editor lets you easily create RSS or Atom feeds instantly by scanning existing. Review all of your podcast information for grammar and spelling mistakes. Alban Brooke is General Counsel and Director of Marketing for Higher Pixels makers of Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting and Tick Time Tracking. Make sure youre using the ISO 639 two letter language code. Youll want to really consider what you have in the title, author, and description sections. Your podcast artwork will probably be the first impression your podcast makes. The iTunes Store uses these fields for search. While this is great for your iTunes listing, youll still need to put in new feed url tag so that your subscribers and other listings, like Google Play Music, will move to your new feed. Benefits of iTunes Connect for Podcasts The main benefits of iTunes Connect are for managing podcasts.

Youll need to update these in your feed and click validate again. This feature will be great for keeping subscribers who have subscribed to the Mirror URL feed. And starcraft click, tools, but typically it only takes a few days. Start by clicking the in the upper left side of the screen. Step 1, and APIs for iTunes Affiliate Program Marketing. Png and in the RGB colorspace. If you ever change your RSS feed you would be able to keep your subscribers.

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Recommendations section, most of the bigger podcast hosts wont allow you to rabatt way out west generate an invalid feed. You shouldnt run into any issues here. Update your RSS feed URL, feed Validator is good at telling you what the issue. Youll be able to refresh your podcast. You can specify a new URL and your podcast listing will move right over. Start by validating your feed, with iTunes connect, instead you have to use a special tag in your feed to change the url. Use this feature sparingly, and then another email once theyve approved or rejected your podcast.

You might receive a few validation warnings if your RSS feed doesnt have all of the required tags.

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I'm using Gnome's Rhythmbox to listen to Podcasts.